I don’t know what it is about a garden that’s always drawn human beings to them. However they’ve always been really popular, and an integral part of individuals’ lifestyles. A lot of religions feature gardens as the settings for some of the greatest events. According to Christianity, humanity was originated in a garden. The Buddhist build gardens to let nature permeate their surroundings. However, what’s so great about them? They’re simply a bunch of plants, after all.
Naturally, the reasoning is reasonably obvious behind why individuals grow food in gardens, especially those who want to go organic. It’s to eat! If you live off the fat of the land and really survive on stuff from your garden, it’s simple to comprehend the reasoning. However, I’m thinking of those individuals who plant flower gardens simply for the sake of looking cool. There’s no quick benefit that I can see; you simply have a clump of flowers in your yard! But, after thinking extensively about the motive behind planting ornamental gardens, I’ve conceived several potential theories.
I believe one of the reasons individuals love gardens so much is that while we have an innate desire to progress and industrialize, deep inside all of us is a fundamental love for nature. While this desire may

  • not be as strong as the desire for modernism, it’s still strong enough to command us to produce gardens, especially organic ones, small outlets of nature, in the midst of all our hustle and bustle. Since being in nature is like falling back to an earlier stage of humanity, we too may regress to a time of solace and utter happiness. This is why gardens are so restful and calming to be in. This is why gardens are a great place to meditate. A garden is a way to promptly escape from the busy world.
    I’ve thought at times that maybe we as humans feel a kind of guilt driving us to fix nature and care for it. This guilt might stem from the knowledge that we, not personally however as a race, have demolished so much of nature to get where we are now. It’s the least we may do to build a little garden in remembrance of all the trees we kill each day. It’s my theory that this is the fundamental reason for most individuals to take up gardening as a hobby.
    Organic gardening is decidedly a healthy habit though, don’t get me wrong. Any hobby that supplies exercise, helps the environment, and improves your diet can’t be a bad thing. So regardless what the underlying psychological cause for gardening is, I believe that everybody ought to continue to do so.